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McGann Cup

Governing Code

The McGann Cup was donated by the Carter Lake Star Class as a traveling award for the overall winner of the annual Carter Lake Fall Regatta.  The fall regatta is typically held as the final event in the Carter Lake sailing season.

Qualification Requirements
To qualify for the McGann Cup a skipper must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Must be a member in good standing in the Carter Lake Sailing Club.
  2. Must have been primary helmsman/skipper during the entire McGann Cup Regatta.
  3. No sailing industry professionals (as defined by US Sailing) may have been aboard the boat during the regatta.


All individuals who meet the above qualification requirements will be scored according to the following formula to determine the McGann Cup recipient, this changes US Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) Appendix A.
If multiple fleets are competing the winning skipper shall be the best overall score for all races sailed as determined by the Cox-Sprague Scoring System.

  1. Cox-Sprague Scoring System is a weighted high point scoring system that gives a score in proportion to the size of the fleet. Races with more starters will have a greater mathematical effect upon the series score, and races with fewer starters will have a lesser mathematical effect upon the series score.
  2. The number of starters for each fleet shall be actual number of boats that came to the starting area and started each race.
  3. Each skipper receives points for his or her finishing place indicated in Cox_Sprague Scoring Table.
  4. A skippers Percentage of Perfection score = Total points Scored (race 1 + race 2 + race 3 + race X…)/ Total possible points (first place in race 1 + race 2 + race 3 + race X…).
  5. The skipper with the greatest Percentage of Perfection shall win the McGann Cup.
  6. Tie Breaker:
    • 1st The skipper with the greatest number of total points.
    • 2nd Follow the guidelines set forth in Appendix A8 (Series Ties) of the RRS.
  7. All races will be scored.


Past Winners

2018 – Tim Gormley

2017 – Tim Gormley

2016 – Tim Gormley

2015 –

2014 – Paul scherrer

2013 – Duane Chaloupka
2012 –