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Crewing Forum

There is often a crew spot available  for any particular race.

If you are interested in crewing, the best way is to contact me, John H, and let me know a bit about your ability level, experience (or lack thereof) racing as well as what kind of boat you would prefer to crew on (mellow cruiser, intense one design etc) . I’ll ask around for upcoming races and see if anyone is looking for crew.

The other way to get a crew spot on a boat is to show up at the club docks (not the Carter Lake Marina docks) about an hour before the race starts and I can see if anyone is looking for crew at that time. It is helpful to email me in advance that you will be coming up, so I can be on the lookout for you. Once I’m at the lake, I don’t check email much, so the earlier the better for emails. If you are an commitment phobe and a last minute type of person, you can always just show up at the docks unannounced anytime about an hour before the race start and you may get lucky.

You may have noticed that I didn’t put my email in here (sorry spammers), but if you are just a little bit crafty and armed with the knowledge that I’m a club officer and the race committee chair person, you can find it elsewhere on this site.